PJAMM Cycling Strava Club climbing challenge!


We are excited to announce the PJAMM Cycling Strava Club climbing challenge!

How much cycling climbing can you complete in a month? PJAMM Cycling, the leading global resource on cycling climbing, wants to know. We are excited to announce the PJAMM Cycling Strava Club climbing challenge which will reward the top 3 members of the PJAMM Cycling Strava Club for elevation gained each month for the months of June, July, August & September 2021.

The top climber in our Strava club will win a PJAMM Cycling jersey to be chosen from our online store at: PJAMM Cycling Store. The second and third place finishers will each receive a PJAMM Cycling t-shirt of their choosing from our store at: PJAMM Cycling Store. We will be tracking the progress of the monthly contest on Strava so be sure to upload all rides to your Strava profile. Results from the previous week will be updated every Monday along with a current leader board and each month's winner will be announced once we are able to confirm the results for the top 3 winners.

We only have a few rules for the challenge:

  • Winners must be members of the PJAMM Cycling Strava Club and also a Member of PJAMM Cycling (membership is free) at the BEGINNING and END of the contest month.
  • Total elevation gained will be measured in feet and the data from Strava will be utilized to determine weekly standings and monthly winners. Monthly winners will be determined as soon as practical after the month has concluded and their results can be confirmed by PJAMM Cycling. Rides completed on an indoor trainer will not count towards your climb total, only outdoor rides will be counted.
  • Weekly standings will be posted on the PJAMM Cycling Strava Club page and on other social media accounts. Monthly winners will be announced on the PJAMM Strava Club page, other social media accounts and the PJAMM Cycling Blog.
  • Only one jersey will be awarded per member for 2021. If an individual wins more than one month they will be recognized as the winner for that month, however the jersey will be awarded to the next place finisher that hasn't won a jersey in 2021.
  • PJAMM Cycling jerseys and t-shirts will be selected by the respective winner in the PJAMM Cycling store and all costs including shipping will be covered by PJAMM Cycling.

Get ready to get on your bike and start climbing June 1!


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