PJAMM Checklist:
Things to Bring on a Cycling Trip

After many years of heading out on cycling trips and adventures we have compiled a comprehensive list of things to remember to bring with you. We have organized this list into 5 main categories of items and put together checklists for you to utilize as you plan for your next cycling adventure.

Your bike (of course!)
Feel free to contact us for specific bike recommendations for cycling climbing. The staff at PJAMM has experience climbing on Specialized, Pinarello & Trek but can help direct you on other brands too.
Bike parts/spare parts for the bike
Our favorite road pedals are Shimano Ultegra Road Pedals and can be found at Competitive Cyclist and REI
Seat/seat post (when you remove it, put it in the bike bag)
You can never have enough of these on hand but at least 4 should do. Multi Packs are available at Amazon or single tubes can be found at Nashbar, REI & Competitive Cyclist
Tires (replacement or to swap for different terrain)
Depending on your needs ensure you have the proper sizes for the routes/climbs you are planning. Multi Packs are available at Amazon as are single tire purchases. You can find decent prices at REI, Competitive Cyclist, Nashbar or Performance Bike.
Here are the latest and greatest tires available today.
Frame pump
The Lezyne bicycle frame mounted pump, we have owned and used this product without problem for years. Love it!
Extra brake pads
Whether you are running rim brakes on standard or carbon fiber wheels or disc brakes, it always helps to have an extra set of pads just in case. There is a great selection at Competitive Cyclist and Nashbar as well as Amazon.
Phone mount
Quad lock is what we use!
Saddle Bag & contents:
Bike electronics
Bike tools
Tool bag - can carry all of your extra supplies not in saddle bag
Phillips and straight screwdriver
Quicklink for chain
Bike equipment
Floor pump
We highly recommend the Lezyne Travel Pump, it's a bit pricey but it's worked well on many of our trips
Saddle bag
There are many to choose from Amazon, Competitive Cyclist, Nashbar, REI
Extra parts
Chain lube
Chain cleaner (longer trips)
You can buy on Amazon, Nashbar or a complete kit on Competitive Cyclist
Clamp on rear rain fender
Rags and cloth
Wet wipes
Surgical/latex gloves (keep hands clean when packing the bike)
Toilet paper
Towels (cleaning / padding)