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Mormon Emigrant Trail


Eighth longest road bike climb in California.

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Climb Summary


Climb begins at Jenkinson Lake

This is a very long climb in the Eldorado National Forest (in the vicinity of Carson Pass, Kirkwood Ski Resort and Lake Tahoe). Although modestly ranked on the FIETS index, this is the 8th longest climb in California.

The climb is moderately difficult with many rollers along the way.  The steepest our Garmin ever read was 12% and the steepest ½ mile is only 8.3%.

North-South Road is at the start of the steepest ½ mile (8.3%).


Most of the climb is bordered by forest.

There are a few (but just a few) openings with exceptional distant views.

The road is not too busy, but the traffic you do encounter is often as not of the Big Rig variety.


Encountered several logging trucks on our climb.


Good road with 2’ bike lane the entire route.


Climb ends at Mormon Emigrants Pass (faded road to right of Hwy 88 above).


PJAMM Cycling John Johnson and World and National Masters cycling champion Mark Hoffenberg on Coleman Valley Road.

Stage 6 ToC

Mormon Emigrants Pass


Mormon Emigrants Pass has been included 2 times in the Tour of California between 2006 and 2019.

  • 2018 Stage 6  
  • Folsom > South Lake Tahoe (Mountain Stage)
  • 122.1 miles, 18,999’
  • Stage winner:  Egan Bernal (COL)

  • 2019 Stage 2
  • Rancho Cordova > South Lake Tahoe - May 13, 2019
  • 122 miles
  • Stage winner:  TBD

Course Preview:

After starting the 2019 Amgen Tour of California in a familiar locale, Stage 2 begins in the new host city of Rancho Cordova, fifteen miles upstream along the American River. Rancho Cordova may be a new partner for the race, but the peloton’s journey to the slopes of South Lake Tahoe’s Heavenly Ski Resort is well-known and feared by local cyclists and the peloton. From the start, the route gradually prods uphill. Over the next 122-miles, the peloton will climb over 14,500 feet and three KOMs - even finishing uphill to the mountain’s ski lifts. The race’s Queen Stage comes later in the week, so the overall contenders can go for the General Classification lead here but they would be well-advised to save their legs.