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Brice Creek (Champion Bridge)


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Brice Creek (Champion Bridge)

Page Contributor(s): Don Baty

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Climb Summary

Brice Creek Climb Summary

Photo - Don Baty

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It's a great ride.  If you do the over and back to Oakridge, coming back over Larison Creek BTW, you have that misspelled on the site as Lairson) , it's 9700 feet of climbing.  

The Roads are all open in Owens Valley.  Horseshoe Meadows was fine, but has expansion cracks that make for a bumpy descent. Whitney Portal was the beast overall ride with near perfect road condition, and epic scenery.

As far as riding later this year...not sure.  Maybe heading to Banff. Or back down to California and the Sequoia area.