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Furkapass - Gletsch


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Furkapass - Gletsch

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Climb Summary

Cycling Furkapass from Gletsch (western approach)

Ride 10.4 kilometers gaining 689 meters at 6.5% average grade.

This is the shorter but nonetheless scenic side of Furkapass.  This is an amazing area to climb with at least 12 HC climbs within a 35 kilometer radius, including 3 climbs in the World Top 100 (one in the Top 10).   For the crazies out there, this climb can also be linked with Grimsel Pass (both sides), Gotthard and Nufenen (climb page; 180 kilometers, 6,625 meters), or a bit more tame route - Furka-Gotthard-Nufenen-Grimsel (117 kilometers, gaining 4,233 meters), or many other versions.  Our routes are offered only to give you a sense of what is possible in this exceptional climbing area.

The climb begins in Gletsch (German shorthand for glacier) in the upper Swiss Rhone Valley, one of the greatest climbing areas in the world.    

Furka Oberlap Railway

First segment of the climb.

The Furkapass ascents are just to the south of Rhone Glacier which is the source of the Rhone River and one of the major contributors to Lake Geneva.

Middle segment of Furkenpass.

Furkapass has been included in several Tour de Suisse stages, most recently the Queen Stage (stage 9) of the 2019 Tour, won by Hugh Carthy (UK).

Final segment of the Furkapass climb.

At 2436 meters, Furkapass is one of the highest passes in Switzerland.

Furkapass is included in the Grand Tour of Switzerland which is a famous motor vehicle route that takes in many of the amazing and scenic views of Switzerland.

Grand Tour of Swizerland

1600 kilometers, 22 lakes, 5 alpine passes  12 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

In addition to Furkapass, the Grand Tour includes Gotthard Pass, Sustenpass and Grimselpass in this area.