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Passo Gardena - Corvara


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Climb Summary

Cycling Passso Gardena from Plan De Gralba (5.6 km at 4.1%)

World Top 10 Most Scenic Bike Climb

Cycling Passo Gardena from Corvara (9.5 km at 5.4%

Passo Gardena may have more extraordinary massifs in sight during our bike climb than any of the other Dolomites climbs.   Passo Gardena is an exceptional and bucket list cycling experience.

Passo Gardena is also the second pass of the Sella Ronda starting from Arabba and going counter-clockwise.  We believe the Sella Ronda is one of (if not THE) greatest cycling loops in the world.  This loop circles the Sella Gruppo and can be ridden by bike in during the cycling season and skied during the winter using the Sella Ronda ski lift carousel.  

Sella Ronda Bike Day is in June each day and climbs in this order:  Sella-Pordoi-Campolongo-Gardena.

Reverse the Route - Pordoi-Sella-Gardena-Campolongo loop.  

On our second cycling trip to the Dolomites we stayed at Hotel Cir at the Passo Gardena.  The hotel was excellent and we found that Passo Gardena is a good center point for climbs of the Dolomites - this can be seen from our “Routes in Area” button on this Climb Page.

We cannot say enough about the Dolomites and, in particular the passes around Passo Gardena - this area simply must be on every climbing cyclists bucket list.  While the Dolomites climbs are fairly mild compared to some of the more difficult climbs in Northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria, none as a group surpass the Dolomites in terms of pure beauty and breathtaking massifs. See PJAMM’s Dolomites Climb Page here.

Climbing Passo Gardena by bike from Corvara 

Corvara is a well kept (as are all or nearly all Dolomites towns we have experienced) moderately-sized town of 1,340 (as of 2010 census) at elevation 1,568 m (5,144’). Access to gondolas of Boè Ski lift leave from Corvara taking hikers/skiers to Piz Boè (part of the Sell Ronda ski circuit).

Start of climb (Brunecker Turm left/Sas da Ciampac right)  

Dolomites are a Unesco World Heritage area (Sassonher Peak left)

Brunecker mountain (Torre Bornech 2495m).

Looking northwest up the mountain to the Pizes de Cir from km 8.1.

Evening view east from Passo Gardena (Sassongher Peak to left and Piz dles Cunturines Mountain center).

Climbing Passo Gardena by bike from Plan De Gralba

Cycling Pass Gardena begins by riding north up SS 243 from its fork with SS 242 at Plan De Gralba.  If someone put a gun to your head and asked which sides of 2 passes that start at the same point would you ride if it was the last bike ride of your life - no one could prove you wrong if you chose Gardena and Sella from Plan De Gralba.  As with Passo Gardena from Corvara, Passo Gardena from Plan De Gralba has some of the most stunning views of magnificent massifs anywhere.

Tough choice if you could only choose one!

You never escape Langkofel Group in these parts - nor do you want to!

Murfeit Spitze at km 4.4

Pizes de Cir at km 4.9 - near the Passo.

Welcome sign at km 4.9

View south from above the Passo sign (Langkofel center of photo).

Hotel Cir - highly recommended.