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Passo Sella - Plan De Gralba


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Passo Sella - Plan De Gralba

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Climb Summary

Passo Sella Climb Summary


Passo Sella - Langkofel Group in the background.

The Sella Ronda - is one of (if not THE) greatest cycling loops in the world.  This loop circles the Sella Gruppo and can be ridden by bike during the cycling season and skied during the winter using the Sella Ronda ski lift carousel.  Our route is in the counterclockwise direction, beginning in Arabba.

Sella Ronda Bike Day is in June each day and climbs in this order:  Sella-Pordoi-Campolongo-Gardena.

Reverse the Route - Pordoi-Sella-Gardena-Campolongo loop.  

We stayed at Hotel Cir at the Col Gardena and we have no regrets.  However, there are so many beautiful areas to stay in the area that we doubt you can go wrong anywhere!

Passo Sella from each side is spectacular and it is really a coin toss as to which is most scenic - more than just saying “you can’t go wrong with either” we prefer a more emphatic message, such as “you really must do both.”  We just cannot say enough about this climb and the wonderful Four Pass Sella Ronda loop - it is worth the trip from anywhere in the world to do - we guarantee it!

Passo Sella from Plan De Gralba (5.3 km at 6.8%)


View west looking back at Langkofel massif 100 m from start.

Bike friendly art field at km 4.3.

View back down the mountain to the north near the top.

Passo Sella from Canazei (5.5 km at 7.5%)

Just up from the start.

View just over ½ km up the climb.

The mighty Langkofel massif (east side) - Souvenir Store is middle right of photo.

At the pass - Langkofel Group in the background.

July, 2018