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Mont Colombis, Remollon


One of the toughest climbs in France never to be included in the TdF

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Photo by Fr. Latreille 


Steepest kilometer starts at km 9.9 (13.5%)

Tour de France

Our research suggests that this climb has never been included in the TdF. writes:

More Climbs Ignored by the Tour de France

#1 Mont Colombis

In the Haute-Alpes, just 15 kilometres north of Gap (one of the most used Tour de Franc start/finish towns), Le Cycle magazine calls Mont Colombis one of the toughest climbs in France. It's a dead-end with fabulous views from the summit.  It has never appeared in the Tour de France. Never.” [this excellent article was written by our favorite climbing writer and blogger extraordinaire, Will, of