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Balmberg Pashohe North


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Balmberg Pashohe North

Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Netherlands; Roland Schuyer, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Balmberg Pashohe North Climb Summary


Contribution of photos and write up by Roland Schuyer, Netherlands (BIG member 463):

To me it was a struggle to get to the top, because:

- I was by roadbike with a smallest gear of 30x29
- My bodymass is 94 kg (I'm more built like a rugbyplayer than a cyclist)
- In order to ride 6 km/h at 30x29 I had to develop 350 Watts. This I can but not over a long period. My FTP is around 315 Watts.

So, a short but steep climb like Balmberg was more a series of sprints to me than a steady climb. But certainly worth doing.


Yes - STEEP!

The climb begins at the southern edge of Welschenrohr (population 1,089, 2017) in northern Switzerland near its borders with France and Germany.  The climb is within Regionaler Naturpark Thal.  This is predominantly a German speaking section of Switzerland.