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Grosse Scheidegg (Innertkirchen)


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Grosse Scheidegg (Innertkirchen)

Page Contributor(s): Helmuth Dekkers, Netherlands

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Climb Summary

Cycling Grosse Scheidegg

Ride 18.4 kilometers gaining 1,373 meters at 7.5% average grade.

Photos of Wetterhorn (3692 meters)

This extraordinary climb begins in Schattenhalb and travels into the Bernese Alps ending just past Berghotel Grosse Scheidegg.

Helmuth Dekkers has ridden in more countries and done more climbs than anyone we know. Helmuth says of this climb “It’s one of the most impressive sceneries I have ever cycled.  Very beautiful.”

Follow Rychenbach River through the middle of the climb.

Grosse Scheidegg

Thank you Helmuth!!