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Serra de Estrela (Seia)


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Climb Summary

Cycling the mighty Serra da Estrela

Photo:  Google Maps

Serra da Estrela (“Start Mountain Range”) is the highest point in mainland Portugal.  Few places can you ride your bike to the highest point in a country, but this is one of those few.  The top is not a peak but rather the highest point in a plateau and the Torre (“Tower”) built in 1817.  

Bottom photos:  Google Maps

Top and middle photos:  Heiko Linnert, Germany.

There are 4 routes to the top of this climb:  Seia (northwest), Manteigas (northeast), Covilha (southeast) and Unhais da Serra (southwest).  The most difficult route to the top is from Unhais de Serra (20.8 kilometers gaining 1,342 meters at 6.4% average grade).  

Serra da Estrela is featured prominently in many Volta a Portugal races since 1971, nearly always from either Seia or Covilha.


Volta a Portugal peleton climbing Serra da Estrela.

All routes are in Parque Natural da Serra Estrela (established 2005; 1000 square kilometers / 247,105 acres).  

The road was built in 1817 at the direction of King Dom Joao VI to facilitate construction of The Torre (The Tower in English).

The Torre

Photo:  Google Maps