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Page Contributor(s): Ard Oostra (BIG 108), Switzerland

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Climb Summary

Cycling Guolasjavri - roadway and mountains

BIG no. 9 - Guolasjavri

Thank you to our friend and BIG 108 Ard Oostra, Switzerland for his write up and beautiful photographs of this climb.

This Norwegian climb starts at sea level in the village of Birtavarre.

Bike climb Guolasjavri - field with blowers and farm house

Riding from Birtavarre about 7 km to the start of the climb is along a fairly flat asphalt road.  

Cycling Guolasjavri - bike on roadway with road sign

As soon as the road becomes unpaved the percentages rise abruptly, between 7 and 10% average for the next 5 kilometers (there is a 10% 3 km segment beginning at km 3.7). .

Climbing Guolasjavri by bike - roadway canyon and valley beyond

Climbing Guolasjavri by bike - roadway canyon and valley beyond 

Share the road!

 The road has some hairpins and has coarse gravel at some spots.

Bicycle ride of Guolasjavri - hairpin turn on gravel road

By choosing carefully one's path to follow, its possible, most of the time, to ride on smooth patches of the road, thus enabling us to climb Guolasjavri on a road bike.

Arriving at an intersection with a closed cattle gate, we must turn left (eastward) to enjoy the views on the lake.

Lake Jualasjavri

Lake Jualasjavri at the top of the bike climb

 The road is fairly flat but gravel is coarser, being some challenge on a road bike. For the enthusiastic cyclist, the road continues fairly flat for several more kilometers in the direction of the Norwegian-Finnish border with views on Finland’s highest summit.

Ard Oostra (August 2018), ArdWorks2018