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The Road to Hana


The best way to experience the Road to Hana is by bike.

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Climb Summary

Maui’s Road to Hana

Cycle 44 miles of rollers gaining 4,625’.

Along with riding to the top of Haleakala Volcano, the Road to Hana is one of our two favorite cycling adventures on Maui.  This 36 mile roller coaster of a ride is one of the more scenic bike rides in the US.  

The two times we have ridden to and from Hana, we began our ride in Paia, which is also the start of the Haleakala climb.  However, the 9.4 miles on Highway 36 to the Road to Hana Mile Marker Zero sign (at Kaupakalua Road) is very busy with fast moving traffic. It should be said that fast moving traffic in Maui is relative -- about 50 mph.


Road to Hana 0 Mile Marker.

Less traffic from here:  34.7 miles gaining 3,482’.

Photo:  Wikipedia

From the 0 Mile Marker on, the road is narrower and traffic moves much slower, particularly over the last half of the ride.

Writing this three years after last cycling the Road to Hana, what I remember most about the ride is (a) waterfalls, (b) the narrow road that I felt safe riding, (c) many one-lane bridges, (d) it’s tropical setting, (e) many rollers -- a lot of short ups and downs, and (f) tons of shops and food stands along the way.

There are many colorful and great food stands along the ride.

Finish at Hāna Bay.