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Cycling the Road to Hana - one of the most beautiful, scenic, and epic bike riding adventures on Maui, the Hawaiian Islands, and the U.S.  Our route is the out-and-back beginning at the 0 mile marker for the Road to Hana, to Hana and back. 
This is not so much a climb but a series of big rollers along a tropical roadway.  We gain 7,558' on this route.  58% of the climb ranges from descent to 5% grade, 14% (9.8 miles) is at grade 5-10%, and 2% (1.6 miles) is 10-15%.  The steepest quarter-mile of the climb is 11.1%, and steepest mile is at 8.2%.  

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Roadway:  The paved two lane road is in excellent condition throughout the climb.  

Traffic  Heavy, but slow moving.  We have done this ride out and back twice and never felt uneasy or in danger during the ride. 

Parking:  The first time we did the route, we left from Paia which was a mistake because Highwya 36 to start of Hana Highway is busy (public parking - Map; Street View).  The second time we rode from the Road to Hana zero mile marker (note - be careful not to get stuck in the mud; we also are not positive it is legal to park here, although there are no signs suggesting it is forbidden - we were gone about seven hours and our car was intact and not ticketed when we returned).  Map;  Street View
Provisions:  There are many snack bars and roadside stands with all sorts of snacks, meals, and beverages along the route. 

Weather and Gear:  This is a tropical area so be sure to consult the PJAMM "Full Forecast" feature for the time you expect to arrive at the finish to assess what clothing to bring on your ride.
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We have always brought our own bikes, but you can rent specialized bikes at Island Biker (map) which is just 1.5 miles from the airport. 



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Jan 19, 2022
Having driven this in a car just a few months ago, I'm surprised to see it here. It's absolutely amazing. At the same time, it's a long ways from what I would consider "bicycle friendly". Narrow roads, blind corners, no shoulder for significant parts of it. It there was a day where it was closed to cars for a bicycle event - that would be worth a trip to Maui!

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Maui’s Road to Hana

Cycle 44 miles of rollers gaining 4,625’.

Climb summary by PJAMM’s John Johnson.

Along with riding to the top of Haleakala Volcano, the Road to Hana is one of our two favorite cycling adventures on Maui.  This 36 mile roller coaster of a ride is one of the more scenic bike rides in the US.  

The two times we have ridden to and from Hana, we began our ride in Paia, which is also the start of the Haleakala climb.  However, the 9.4 miles on Highway 36 to the Road to Hana Mile Marker Zero sign (at Kaupakalua Road) is very busy with fast moving traffic. It should be said that fast moving traffic in Maui is relative -- about 50 mph.


Road to Hana 0 Mile Marker.

Less traffic from here:  34.7 miles gaining 3,482’.

Photo:  Wikipedia

From the 0 Mile Marker on, the road is narrower and traffic moves much slower, particularly over the last half of the ride.

Writing this three years after last cycling the Road to Hana, what I remember most about the ride is (a) waterfalls, (b) the narrow road that I felt safe riding, (c) many one-lane bridges, (d) it’s tropical setting, (e) many rollers -- a lot of short ups and downs, and (f) tons of shops and food stands along the way.

There are many colorful and great food stands along the ride.

Finish at Hāna Bay.

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