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Col du Jaman (Montreux)


Scenic route with great views of Lake Geneva

Page Contributor(s): Ard Oostra, Montreux, Switzerland

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

To our knowledge, this is the most challenging climb on Lake Geneva.  When the weather is clear, we hear, the views along the climb are spectacular - we say “hear” versus “see” because sadly it was overcast the day we had the opportunity to climb the 2 approaches to Col du Jaman.

While not the most difficult of climbs in Switzerland, Jaman does present a nice challenge - from Montreux 8.6 miles, 3,385’ at 7.5% average grade (14.4% ¼ mile, 12.5% ½ and 10.2% for a full 2.5 mile stretch and from Clarens - 6.3 miles, 3,445’ at 9.5% (23% for ¼ mile, 17.3 ½ mile and 12% for a 2.5 mile stretch.

IMG_3368.JPG     IMG_3372.JPG

We had a few good views before entering the clouds

IMG_1503.JPG     IMG_1509.JPG

Bottom half of the climb from Clarens

IMG_9393.JPG     IMG_9397.JPG

Brad and John at the col with our good friend Ard Oostra of Montreux

From Clarens


Steepest Kilometer starts at km 6.4 (15.9%)

From Montreux

Start of steepest kilometer is at km 12.2 (12%)