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Paso Mamuil


Cycle to Paso Mamuil in sight of Volcán Lanín.

Page Contributor(s): Heiko Linnert, Amberg, Germany

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Climb Summary

Cycling Paso Mamuil, Chile

Volcán Lanín shown to right of photo

WOW!  What a spectacular and scenic bike climb.  With views of Volcán Lanín, Chile along the way, this was one the favorite of many climbs on our BIG cycling trip in January, 2019.

The centerpiece of this climb is unequivocally Volcán Lanín which is a cone-shaped stratovolcano on the border Chile and Argentina, 860 kilometers south of Santiago. The volcano can be seen from 100’s of kilometers away as it is, at 3,776 meters (12,388’) the most prominent peak in the region and is part of the Patagonia subrange of the Andes.

Volcán Lanín as seen from Paso Mamuil

This climb is rather mild and it is not so high on our list due to its challenge, but, rather, its breathtaking beauty.  

Ruta 199 from the Chile side of Passo Mamuil (also known as Paso Tromen) completely paved. .