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Teide, Playa La Arena


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Climb Summary

This wonderful bike climb begins in the Tenerife, Canary Islands resort town of Playa de la Arena at the southwest end of the island. A safe bet for lodging is the massive Be Live Experience Playa la Arena (Hotel Playa la Arena - 432 rooms, three bars, entertainment, 2 restaurants, pools).

Our climb begins adjacent Hotel Playa la Arena.  We soon enter TF-454 and begin our 53.5 kilometer climb from 15 meters to 2,355 meters gaining 2,516 meters at 4.4% average grage. TF-454 is moderately congested with vehicle traffic for the first 5 miles as this location is home to the Los Gigantos (The Giants) which is an almost 2,000-foot sheer cliff which was an amazing site to see.  

Acantilados de Los Gigantes, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Photo:  elsombrero.com

Once we turn right onto TF-82 and head south, we make our way to the town of Chio (elevation 680m, population 2,155).  Once through the town, we merge onto TF-38 about 7+miles into the climb and take this road all the way to the top.

TF-38 doesn’t have a lot of traffic and the grade is very consistent and a pleasant average grade of 6%.  After riding through the forest , the landscape drastically changes to volcanic rock fields and formations that reminded us of the climb up Mauna Loa in Hawaii from the turnoff from Saddle Road.  

Mirador de las Narices del Teide

Kilometer 38 - just before the one descent of the long climb (7.8km, -0.9% descend 112m)

The views were spectacular and worth a few pics.  About 22+ miles into the climb, the road flattens out as we turn left onto TF-21.  We are met with a descent and a long flat before climbing 12 more kilometers to the famous Parador de Canadas used by most pro cycling teams for winter training.

Parador de Cañadas del Teide

Photo:  Trivago