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Bonny Doon


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Climb Summary

Cycling Bonny Doon

7.2 miles gaining 2,201’ at 5.8%

Bonny Doon is a very nice and popular climb rising out of Panther Beach just north of Santa Cruz into the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The first half of the climb is the most difficult with a 2.3 mile stretch early on weighing in at 9.4%.

  • 2009:
  • Stage 2:  Sausalito to Santa Cruz
  • 116 miles
  • Stage Winner Tom Peterson (USA) 
  • 2010:
  • Stage 3:  San Francisco to Santa Cruz
  • 113.6 miles
  • Stage winner David Zabriskie (USA)
  • 2012:
  • Stage 2:  San Francisco to Santa Cruz County
  • 117 miles
  • Stage winner Peter Sagan (SVK)