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Zayante Road


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Zayante Road

Page Contributor(s): Dan Razum, Campbell, CA, USA

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Climb Summary

Cycling Zayante Road

Ride 4.8 miles gaining 1,568’ at 5.5% average grade.

Climb summary by PJAMM’s Dan Razum.

Zayante goes from Graham Hill Road in Felton up to Summit Road.  Near Felton, Zayante is fairly flat with

some traffic.  The climb starts at the intersection with Kingham Ranch Road, about 6 miles from Felton and

traffic mostly disappears by this point so the climb feels quite safe.

Beginning of the climb

We climb for about a mile and a half and then we reach an intermediate high point.  At this point the road

changes name from East Zayante to Upper Zayante and it's flat/downhill for about a mile before it starts

climbing again.

There are some steep sections but they aren't too long and there is plenty of shade.

The lower slopes are mostly pine trees and as we get near the top the pines give way to oak. Due to all

the trees there really aren't any long range views on this climb. Still, the forest is beautiful and serene

and it is nice to bike through it.

The road condition is pretty rough in places and there are several areas that are very narrow because of

old landslides that took out some of the road.  However, there is road construction scheduled for summer 2020.

It looks like the construction will be patching, not a full repavement, but it should still help a lot.

As of May 2020, due to the condition of the road, Zayante is much better as a climb than a descent but maybe

after the construction is completed it will be nicer as an out and back ride.