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Mt. Fuji (Subara Line - Hwy 702)


Climb begins at the souithern edge of Fujiyoshida by riding south on Hwy 701 from its intersection with Road E68.

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Climb Summary

Mt. Fuji to Subaru 5th Station -- Highway 702 (Alternate) Route

20 kilimoters to 2,312 meters, gaining 1,350 meters at 6.7% average grade. 

Each year in early June, about 8,500 cyclists participate in the Mount Fuji Hill Climb. This is not the route “up” to the Subaru 5th Station (where the pavement ends and the hiking begins), but it can be the route “down.”  Since there is a staged descent permitting a limited number of the 8,500 riders down the mountain at a time after the race, the unregulated alternate Highway 702 route is a great “secret” option.  There is a brief section of dirt/gravel at the top, but after that it’s smooth sailing.


Subaru 5th Station.