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Eureka Canyon


The most epic road bike climb in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - photo collage: front facade of Corralitos Market & Sausage Co., Spanish style brown building, old weathered brown wood barn with bike leaning against front door, bike resting along fern-covered hillside wall along two-lane road surrounded by redwood trees, bike leaning against wooden railing of wood bridge over creek bed in forest, bike on top of hillside covered in pine trees, fog rolling in across mountainside, PJAMM cycling jersey draped over bike

Cycling Eureka Canyon

Ride 8.2 miles gaining 1,572’’ at 3.6% average grade.

In our opinion, Eureka Canyon is the most epic bike climb in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The climb is very remote, located along a rough single lane road for the last few miles and surrounded by redwood forest much of the climb.  We loved this climb and highly recommend it to anyone cycling in the Santa Cruz area.

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - Spanish style brown building Corralitos Market & Sausage Co., wooden map of the area, stone water faucet, yellow road sign saying "Road Conditions Subject to Change"

Climb begins by riding north up Eureka Canyon Road from its intersection with Hames Road in Corralitos.

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - photo collage, dense redwood forestation along narrow winding road, blue sign reading "PEMA OSEL LING", PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Surrounded by redwoods along much of the climb.

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - Yellow road sign saying "ROUGH ROAD", next to severely deteriorated asphalt road covered in cracks and potholes, bike laying in center of road

The last few miles of the climb is along a very rough road.

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - bike leaning against yellow road sign noting 15 MPH speed limit along winding road, bike leaning against rustic mailboxes, dense tree coverage

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - aerial view of John Johnson wearing PJAMM Cycling jersey along roadside atop hill, dense pine forestation behind

Cycling Eureka Canyon, Santa Cruz Mountains - graffitied road signs for Highland Way, bike parked along roadsigns, gravel road, redwood tree forestation

The climb ends at the 4 corners of Eureka Canyon/Highland Way/Buzzard Lagoon/Ormsby Cutoff.

That’s a wrap!!