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Mt. Madonna Road


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Page Contributor(s): Mike Persellin, Minneapolis, MN, USA; Dan Razum, Campbell, CA, USA.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mt. Madonna

Ride 4 miles gaining 1,638’ at 7.6% average grade.

Climb summary by Mike Persellin, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Mt. Madonna is one of the last spurs of the Santa Cruz Mountains as they peter out into the agricultural lands north of Corralitos.  The climb starts innocuously enough, but a right turn at just under two miles changes everything.  From there, it’s 2.1 miles of steady double-digits until it eases up a half mile from the finish at the county park.  There are minute plateaus where you can catch your breath.  Be sure to take a right at the stop sign on Summit and ride the short distance to the highest elevation at the park.  

Roadway surface and traffic:  The road is narrow and there is very occasional traffic.  The pavement is not the best and the descent is steep, so be careful coming down.