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Col du Lein North


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Climb Summary

Climb Summary


Photo by Olivier Bruchez 

Steepest kilometer starts at km 5.6 (10.1%)

PJAMM will document Col du Lein in August, 2018

Wikipedia - Col du Lein notes

“Lein Pass (also known as Lin Pass or Linen Pass ) is a pass of the Swiss Alps ( 1,658 meters ) connecting the villages of Saxon , in the plain of the Rhone to Levron , village of the municipality of Vollèges .

Historically, the Lein Pass has always been a place of passage. The Sembrancher - Levron - Saxon link was the shortest and safest way from Entremont to northern Italy in Upper Valais. Indeed, the bottleneck of the Trappists , between Sembrancher and Bovernier was not advisable.

The stone with bowls of the neck of Lein raised many questions as to its utility

The pasture of the lein pass receives livestock from the farmers of Levron during the summer.

A micro-power station was built at the Lein pass in 1997. This turbine blows water from Louvie, at the bottom of the Bagnes valley. This is the drinking water and irrigation water used by the municipality of Vollèges . The waterfall is 298.8 meters , the water flow is 0.18 cubic meters per second and the power is 470 kilowatts.” Wikipedia -
Col du Lein