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Mt. Fuji (Gotemba Line)


Mt. Fuji - eastern approach (Gotemba Line)

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Climb Summary

You will not find a more distinctive mountain anywhere in the world than Mt. Fuji.  

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Cycling Mt. Fuji’s Subaru Line to Subaru 5th Station

25.4 kilometers (15.8 miles) 2,281m (7,485’) gaining 1,279m (4,195’) at 5%.

Summit of Mt. Fuji:  3,776 m (12,388’).


The Gotemba line is the easiest and least approach to a Mt. Fuji 5th line.  The climb is very short at only 10 kilometers but does average a health 7.7% over that distance.


Near the start of the climb - Mt. Fuji in the clouds in photo background.

There would be a few great views of Mt. Fuji on this climb, particularly at the finish, but on the day in May, 2019 we rode the volcano, Mt. Fuji was surrounded by clouds (we later were snowed on at the top of the Azami Line that day).



Station 4, kilometer 18.5


We travelled to Japan for the sole purpose of climbing Mt. Fuji by bike and this extraordinary volcano did not disappoint.  The rides were exceptional and we will be returning soon for an epic bike-hike

PJAMM’s May, 2019 Asian Trip Itinerary.


Big-time adventurer Kyle Stanton-Wyman, Bremerton, WA writes for the hike up to Mt. Fuji (as part of our bike-hike sometime in the future):

In regards to a Fuji summer summit - yes I have done that once and it is much more achievable. I climbed the Gotemba route in August of '18 during the official climbing season. Strava link for details and photos: 

Fuji (when snow free) is a 'simple' hike and doesn't require any technical climbing skills or equipment, but it is still a very strenuous hike. Gotemba is the longest of the four routes at 7,400 vft, and the other three are around 4,000 vft. Beware that you might suffer from the high altitude, given the summit is at 12,388 ft. It is most popular to start the hike pre-dawn, and summit in time for sunrise as that is typically when the weather is clearest. Given the peak's isolated nature, it is often obscured in clouds by the afternoon. Also be warned that the three shorter trails are EXTREMELY busy during the official climbing season, especially on weekends (check out the picture of the traffic jam of hikers on my strava link). During the official climbing season there are also open noodle huts selling food and water on the summit. Outside the official climbing season, the summit may still be relatively snow free and easy to hike, especially in early fall, and there will be far fewer people, but no services.

Lastly, here are the three rules for off season climbing: 

Although the website says it's "prohibited", that's a mis-translation. They just want to make sure you are fully prepared for the conditions.

This website is excellent and tells you all you need to know about hiking to the top of Mt. Fuji -