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Passo Fitanze


One of three very challenging climbs near Lago di Garda

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

This is another of the Lake Garda area’s hidden treasures. This climb begins in close proximity to another climb in the 100-150 Top World Climbs, Avio-San Valentino which begins a few miles to the north and on the opposite side of Autostrada 22.  

We start immediately with 10 big hairpins over 3.8 miles at 8.5%.  There is a 12.6% quarter mile, 11.3% half mile and the longest sustained grade for a full mile on this route is 9.7%.

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The road can be a bit rough in places and is narrow throughout

There have been only 256 Strava attempts on this segment, a testament that it is not well known to the cycling community.  The road is not very busy and you can ride in general privacy on a very challenging road, but otherwise, this is not one of the great Italian climbs, although it is worth your while if you are in the area.

Steepest kilometer starts at km 6.6 (10.7%)