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Passo Stelvio via Umbrail


Switzerland's most difficult climb (well . . . it does end in Italy . . . barely) - 1 of 3 spectacular routes to Passo Stelvio

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Climb Summary

Cycling Umbrail Pass - road between hillsides

Cycling Passo Umbrail - can extend to Passo dello Stelvio too.

Ride 16.3 km gaining 1,398 m to 2,756 m at 8.5% average grade. 

One of the three routes up to the mighty Passo dello Stelvio and the only one that begins in Switzerland.  We begin this climb in Santa Maria Val Mustair at the very southeastern tip of Switzerland, then climb 8.1 miles, 3,650’ at 8.5% average grade to the Swiss/Italian border and Umbrail Pass.  From Umbrail Pass it is precisely 2 miles, 855’ at 8.4% average grade to Passo dello Stelvio - in all, the climb is 10.1 miles, 4,605’ at 8.5% average grade with the steepest ¼ mile at 13%, ½ mile 10.4% and steepest 1 mile segment 9.9%.

Passo Umbrail is in the Ortler Alps, part of Europe’s Alps Mountain Range.

Begin climb in Santa Maria Val Mustair, Switzerland; finish on Swiss/Italian border.

Cycling Umbrail Pass - Stelvio and Umbrail Pass sign, village, Santa Maria Val Mustair 

   biking Umbrail Pass - pass sign with bike leaning against it

Switchbacks and some great views on the way up Umbrail.

Bike climb of Umbrail Pass - hairpins and cyclist 

Bicycle climb of Umbrail Pass - hairpins, farmhouse, roadway, mountains

It is strongly recommended that anyone climbing from the Swiss side to Umbrail Pass continue on the next 2 miles up the mountain and into Italy to Passo dello Stelvio. There are many cafès, a couple of brautwurst stands and an extremely vibrant cycling experience - the most significant we have ever experienced at the top of a climb (more so than Alp d’Huez, Tourmalet, or Mont Ventoux - although we must say the Ventoux does come close to rivaling Stelvio for most activity at the top of a climb).

Heading on up to Stelvio

climbing Umbrail Pass by bike - sign to Passo Stelvio and Bormio, road, roadhouse 

    Riding bike to Umbrail Pass and Stelvio - 500 m mark painted on road, cyclist   

We believe the Giro d’Italia featured Umbrail (up to Stelvio) for the first time in 2017

Climbing Umbrail Pass by bike to passo dello stelvio - giro d'italia signs painted on road, cyclist  

   Riding bike to Umbrail Pass and Stelvio - pink stelvio sign on road 

Cycling Umbrail Pass to Stelvio - Stelvio Bormio pass sign

    Umbrail Pass bike climb - bratwurst and food cart at passo dello stelvio with cyclist, bike and cook

Come for the climb, stay for the Brat!

We stayed a 5 miles north of the start of the Umbrail climb at Hotel al-Rom in Tschierv Switzerland and were very pleased with the accommodations, staff and restaurant.


Bicycle ride Umbrail Pass - Hotel al-Rom John Jonson PJAMM 

John and owner Rolf on left;

 Cycling Umbrail Pass - cyclists in Swiss and Italian gear

John and Brad torn between 2 countries on the right.


Steepest kilometer starts 1 km from top (10.3%)