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Rockpile Road


One of 2 great bike climbing options from Lake Sonoma Visitor Center.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Rockpile Road - start at the Lake Sonoma Visitor Center

Ride 5.5 miles gaining 1,595’ at 4.3% average grade.

This is a fairly remote northern Sonoma County bike ride that is very safe on a good road with minimal traffic.  The climb can be easily accessed via Healdsburg and the Dry Creek Valley.

Bridge across Lake Sonoma - mile 2 of the climb.

The approach to this climb is through the spectacular Dry Creek Valley American Viticultural Area (Dry Creek Valley Wine Region and Appellation and up to its sub-region Rockpile AVA.  There are 9,000 acres of vineyards in the Dry Creek Valley - it is one of the most beautiful vineyard regions in the United States. Consider accessing the start of the climb (Lake Sonoma Visitor Center) via West Dry Creek Road instead of the busier and less (but still very) scenic Dry Creek Road.  West Dry Creek Road is on the opposite (southeast of all things) side of the Dry Creek Valley from the Valley’s main drag, Dry Creek Road.

The Rockpile Road bike climb is all about rollers - there are about 4 sets of rollers and 2 significant descents (one .6 miles and another .3) along the climb which has a steepest quarter mile of 10.9% and half mile of 10.5%.

Lake Sonoma boat ramp parking lot - mile 2.4 . . .

. . . where the fun begins!

Warm Springs Dam - 2 mile mark of Rockpile Road climb.

That’s a wrap!