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Hayley & Justin's Wedding


Hayley and Justin's Great Life Adventure Begins!

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Climb Summary

Hello all.  The wedding is at  3755 Belleview Avenue, Tahoe Pines.  3755 Belleview is 2 blocks to the east (towards the lake) of W. Lake Blvd (Hwy 89).  There is limited street parking on the lake side of Hwy 89 on Grand Avenue, Eagle Rock Road and Belleview Avenue.  There is also parking across Hwy 89 on Grand Avenue and Walnut Avenue.  

We will have 2 transport vehicles driving the .4 mile route from the wedding venue to 4000 Walnut Avenue which is across Hwy 89 from the wedding venue.  The transport vehicles will be on about a 10 minute schedule and will run from 2:30 to 3:20 p.m.

We may be able to avoid pick up for larger groups that are staying close to the wedding with our 10 passenger van.  These pickups will need to be arranged in advance by calling _________ or emailing ________.  Please do not rely on this means of transportation without a specific confirmation back from us.

Wedding is located at the bottom of the photo 3755 Belleview Ave, Tahoe Pines

Limited street parking in the neighborhoods on both sides of Hwy 89

Our shuttles will pick up along Bellevue and Grand Avenues with staging at 4000 Walnut (other side of Hwy 89).

Wedding is across Hwy 89 from 4000 Walnut.

4000 Walnut Avenue

Parking on Grand and Walnut Avenues across Hwy 89 from the wedding venue.

Wedding shuttles run every 10 minutes to this staging area between 2:30 and 3:25 pm