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Ard Oostra's BIG 1000 and a stunningly beautiful climb!

Page Contributor(s): Ard Oostra, Switzerland

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Climb Summary

Cycling Vestfjarðavegur, Iceland

Ride 7.6 kilometers gaining 576 meters at 7.6% average grade.

June 19, 2019 is a BIG day for PJAMM Cycling!  PJAMM’s Ard Oostra (CH) has today completed his 1000th BIG climb - that is a BIG DEAL - only a handful of the 6,000 BIG members have ever achieved this amazing milestone.  


Start the climb

Denmark Strait in the background.

The bike climb begins on Vestfjarðavegur Road near Hrafnseyri which is an isolated settlement on the northern shore of Arnarfjörður in the municipality of ísafjarðarbær.

Stunningly beautiful climb.

This extraordinary bike climb is in Westfords, a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland. This is a very mountainous region of Iceland and great destination for cycling. The climb is on a dirt road that is easily manageable on a road bike.

Making our way up the mountain.

How amazing is this climb!

Near the summit.

This was a very special day for PJAMM.

With great admiration and respect Ard - your accomplishment is exceptional!