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Yersin & Hon Ba Mountain


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Yersin & Hon Ba Mountain

Page Contributor(s): Patrick Morris, San Francisco, CA, USA - and; Sinh, Vietnam

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Climb Summary

Cycling Hon Ba - Yersin Mountain and National Preserve

Ride 23 kilometers gaining 1,795 meters at 6.15% average grade.

This is a challenging climb southwest of of the southern Vietnamese coastal city of  Nha Trang (population about 500,000).  Thank you to cycling guide Sinhbalo (email and Patrick Morris of Velo Asia and Indochina Travel for providing us the information and photographs for this climb.

Sinhbalo writes of this climb:  “As the road was very small and steep up. The ranger in HonBa nature reserve don???t allow any car going up there. Only motorbike and bicycles can go on this road.”

Hon Ba - Yersin bike climb is one of the most difficult in Vietnam.

The mountain is named in part in honor of Alexander Yersin 

His home is at the top of the climb. 

“French scientist Alexandre Emile Jean Yersin is well-known to most Vietnamese people as many main streets nationwide have been named after him.

He has even been honored in Dalat with a local education establishment named Yersin University in recognition of his contribution to medicinal studies. However, it was in Nha Trang that he chose to undertake his studies. Now, his house on the peak of Hon Ba Hill at 1,600 meters above sea level, has become a must-see destination for tourists to Nha Trang City.”  More


This has some very steep stretches, so . . .

. . . Singh engineered a brake-assist program for some of his friends.  👍😃