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Galena Pass East


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Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA, USA

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This climb starts along Hwy 75 near the headwaters of the Salmon River. The climb begins where the Salmon river crosses the highway – there is a highway turnout with plenty of space for parking.

Alternative starting location is Smiley Creek just a few miles further from the summit. This wide open valley is one of the most scenic and unpopulated in the lower 48 and longer approaches would provide warm-up time and a great setting for a ride. The climb is spectacular with many opportunities for photos and scenic overlooks. The road is smooth and the grade is a pretty consistent 5% or so. Not difficult by PJAMM standards but one of the most spectacular settings you’ll find. Traffic is light and summer weather is usually reliable. It’s easy to ride this one and the climb from the other (Sun Valley) side in the same ride.

Mark O’Dell at mile 3.5.

Now that’s a rustic summit sign!

Thanks much Bruce and Stacy!!


The climb starts from Galena Lodge about 23 miles north of Ketchum on Hwy 75. Longer approaches are possible – the road from Sun Valley to the Galena Lodge offers a mild elevation gain and a beautiful setting for warming up for the real climb. The road is smooth and a nice shoulder was recently added. We would recommend riding this on a weekday during summer as weekend traffic is considerably heavier. It’s a steady 5% or so for most of the climb and the scenery makes this one really enjoyable. This climb is not difficult by PJAMM standards and it’s easy to do both sides of Galena Summit in the same ride.