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Wurzen Pass


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Wurzen Pass

Page Contributor(s): Patrick Morris, San Francisco, CA, USA - veloasia.com and indochinatravel.com

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Climb Summary

Cycling the well fortified Wurzen Pass  😅👍

Ride 7.7 kilometers gaining 560 meters at 7.1% average grade.

Thank you to Patrick Morris of Velo Asia and Indochina Travel for providing us the information and photographs for this climb.


The steepest ½ kilometer is 17.6%

The road is bordered by trees much of the climb.

Patrick’s input:

If you are riding into Slovenia from Austria, one of your few options is the Wurzen Pass. Formerly a main trading and strategic military pass, during the Cold War the Austrian Armed Forces built several defense works and bunkers which are today a museum site open to the public. There is a very steep section of a couple kilometers without switchbacks, that makes this climb, though short, a very challenging one. The pass is popular with motorbikes, checking off their bucket list. The pavement is patchy in some places, unlike the glassy smooth roads in the rest of Austria, but the descent is smooth and without steep grades all the way down to connect with Slovenia’s beautiful national bike route No. D2.