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Grouse Mountain


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Climb Summary

Cycling Grouse Mountain

Ride 5.7 kilometers gaining 223 meters at 3.9%


Grouse Mountain is the middle of three climbs near Vancouver that are included in the annual Triple Crown for Heart cycling event (50 miles gaining 7,390’).  Also included are Mount Seymour as the first climb and Cypress Mountain as the last.


Triple Crown for Heart elevation profile.

The route we have charted is paved to the top:

Travis Schisler, Strava:

Hi John, the road is open the whole way up. There are "private property" signs up near the top but the Grouse Mt. workers are friendly. You may have a Grouse Mt host ask you to walk your bike when you get to the main paths on top of the mountain depending on the time of day. It's a great gravel forest ride with an excellent view!