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Big Mountain Summit East


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Climb Summary

Cycling Big Mountain Summit East

Ride 5.4 miles gaining 1,525’ at 5.2% average grade.  

This is a bike climb near Salt Lake City into the Wasatch Mountain range of the Rocky Mountains which enters Wasatch National Forest a mile before the summit..

The following summary is from PJAMM friend and contributor Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA.

This climb starts along Utah highway 65 just at the south end of the East Canyon Reservoir. This greenery on this side is not quite as dense as on the west side of this climb but the views are wide open and the road surface is good. Not a difficult climb by PJAMM standards but definitely worth a visit. This climb can easily be done along with Big Mountain Summit West and Emigration Canyon in one ride. No water along the route and warm in summer – come prepared. Both sides of this climb are definitely enjoyable.

Bike climb Big Mountain Summit East - bike leaning against guard rail with with mountains in background.

Cycling Big Mountain Summit East - bike leaning against summit monument.

Thank you Bruce!!