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Snake Creek Canyon


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Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA, USA; Stacy Topping, Tacoma, WA, USA.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Snake Creek Canyon

Ride 3.2 miles gaining 970’ to 6,760’ at 5.8% average grade.

This climb begins at the entrance to Wasatch Mountain State Park (est. 1961, 21,592 acres).near the start of US Top 100 bike climbs Guardsman Pass and Empire Pass. This bike climb is into the Wasatch Mountains which are the western edge of the Rocky Mountains.



Climb summary by PJAMM friend and contributor Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA.

We start this bike climb in the town of Midway Utah at Wasatch Mountain State Park. It heads northwest from town up into the Wasatch Range. This climb is an out-and-back on a quiet road gaining about 1000 feet from the start to the end of the pavement. The paved part has a couple of short sections over 10% (the steepest ½ mile is 9.3%) but the climb is not difficult. The official climb ends after four miles where the road turns to dirt but if you ride a mountain bike you can continue up to many more miles of dirt roads and trails.

The climate in the Midway-Park City area is mild during the summer, so this is a nice climb that can be done during the Spring, Summer or Fall.

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Thank you Bruce and Stacy!!