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Wolf Creek Summit West


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Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA, USA; Stacy Topping, Tacoma, WA, USA.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Wolf Creek Summit West

Ride 10.2 miles gaining 2,330’ at 4.3% average grade.

This bike climb begins about 30 miles southeast of Park City at the eastern edge of the Unita-Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  This is a high ride to over 9,000’ ending adjacent to the Wolf Creek Campground and the sign marking the summit.

Climb summary from PJAMM’s Bruce Hamilton:

The Wolf Creek climb starts south of the town of Francis, Utah along highway 35. It’s a beautiful and uncrowded road with open views and at the time of our ascent (early October) beautiful autumn leaves. The grade is shallow until about five miles from the end as the road climbs gradually at river grade alongside Wolf Creek. The last five miles are 6-8% and climb away from the creek and up to the summit.

Autumn is obviously a beautiful time to climb this one.

Thank you Bruce and Stacy!!