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Canyonlands NP


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Page Contributor(s): Bruce Hamilton, La Quinta, CA, USA; Stacy Topping, Tacoma, WA, USA.

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Climb Summary

Green River Overlook, Canyonlands National Park

Grand View Point -- and that it is!

Cycling Canyonlands National Park

Thank you Bruce and Stacy!

Canyonlands, one of five Utah National Parks.

One of five national parks in Utah, Canyonlands NP (official website) is the United States’ 30th national park, established in 1964, consisting of 337,598 acres.  This climb and gorgeous national park are located near Moab NP and Arches NP, which are other extraordinary cycling venues.  This particular cycling jewel is relatively little-known and not as popular or crowded as some of the other national parks with “just” 739,449 visitors in 2018.  

Average high temperatures exceed 90° degrees during the summer months.  There is little rainfall in this area and the temperatures in May and late September into October are ideal.


Weather data from US Climate Data’s website.

Canyonlands NP is broken up into four distinct districts by the massive canyons of the Green and Colorado Rivers:  Sky, Needles, Maze and Rivers. Hiking is king in Canyonlands, but you can also experience the beauty of the park on road bike or mountain bike.  

While Canyonlands does not offer much in the way of challenging bike climbs, we highly recommend riding our route if you are in the area (or even willing to travel to the Moab area to cycle, hike, or visit).  From Moab, head north on Highway 191 for about 10 miles to its junction with Route 313.  

View from Island of the Sky Visitor Center mile 21.5.

This is on our first segment in the park -- six miles from the junction.

Ride a scenic 28 miles on Route 313 (entering the park at ~19 miles) to mile 28 where you have three options:

  1. Straight on Grand View Point Road:  Six miles at 0.5% grade gaining 310’ to elevation 6,263’.

View from Buck Canyon Overlook four miles from the junction.

View from Grand View Point at the finish of this segment.

View from Grand View Point.

  1. Upheaval Dome Road: Descend 4.9 miles and then climb back to the junction at 1.6% gaining 490’ to 6,117’.  

Halfway down the descent of Upheaval Dome Road.

  1. Green River Overlook Road: Descend 1.4 miles and then climb back to the junction at 1.5%.

Green River Overlook.

Green River Overlook.

How to get around in Canyonlands National Park:  Unlike the larger and more popular national parks, there is no public transportation in Canyonlands.  So -- you’ve got your own vehicle or . . . your bicycle to get from point to point in this canyon wonderland.