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21.6 mi
5,922 ft
5 %



Highway 330 is US #42 Top Bike Climb.  This long ascent is on a fairly gradual gradient much of the way, but along a very, very busy highway with minimal shoulder.  This is a major access road to Big Bear Resort area.  Because of the significant traffic moving at high speed with minimal shoulder in many locations we do not recommend the climb to anyone even slightly traffic averse - if you decide to do the climb, leave at sunrise on a late spring or summer weekend. 
The average grade for this one is 4.9%, (5.7% with descent eliminated).  39% (8.3 miles) is at 0-5% grade, 46% (9.9 miles) is at 5-10%, and 6% (1.4 miles) is at 10-15%.  The steepest quarter-mile is 9.9% and steepest mile 7.7%.

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Roadway:  Excellent condition with a shoulder to ride in much of, but not all of, the route. 

Traffic:  That's the problem with this climb - heavy and fast moving traffic. 

Parking:  At either of the malls just to the west of the start of the climb - MapStreet View
Provisions:  In Running Springs at mile 14.5 and ArrowBear Lake at mile 16.
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Leave at sunrise during the summer (not ski season) to avoid as much traffic as possible. 



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Cycling Hwy 330 - this is one of the more dangerous Top 100 US Bike Climbs

Ride 21.7  miles gaining 6,657’ to elevation 7,111 at 5% average grade.

Hwy 330 is a fairly gradual climb along a very, very busy highway with minimal shoulder.  

At mile 14,  we enter the quiet town of Running Springs where provisions can be acquired.  


Running Springs (pop. 4,862; 2010)

I do not recommend this ride because of the narrow shoulder and fast moving highway traffic.    One caveat to this warning is that this was one of the first climbs I documented in 2014 when I started this website and at that time I was more sensitive to highway traffic - I am now almost fully desensitized to highway traffic so I may not feel as strongly about the hazard level of the roadway now as then.

Strava member Steve Mooney - Jenson, USA writes in response to my inquiry about why he referred to Hwy 330 as “treacherous” in a Strava post:

John, I’ve lived here since 1970. Hwy 330 is two lanes at 6% grade for 10+ miles. There is not much shoulder and cars are traveling fast to get up the hill. One should ride it at off-peak hours. The descent on a Sunday morning is a blast! Perhaps treacherous was a bit of hyperbole for a seasoned rider—perhaps it was the endorphins stimulated by the mere mention of it😀. If I’m heading up the hill, I prefer the 138. Again, off-peak hours are the smarter choice.

Strava member Evan Turner writes:

Very little space for a cyclist! Cars are extremely respectful though. Traffic was light on this sat afternoon. All around safety rating of 5/10.

Strava member John Franklin writes:

Traffic was busy in places, especially for early in a Sunday. Narrow in places and generally cars waited but I also had the only experience of someone slowing down to shout at me even though I was about 1ft from the ditch. Feltike there were less passing places than other climbs but they could have been my imagination as there was just more traffic. I'd do it again though!

Top 100 rides in 50 mile radius are #47 Hwy 18,  6.4 miles northeast,  #85 Hwy 38/Valley of the Falls 8.9 miles southeast,  #19 Mt. Baldy 31 miles west.

Steepest ¼ and mile are at the very beginning of the climb (9.7% and 7.6% respectively)

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