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Hwy 18 - Old Waterman Canyon


First 6 miles are pleasant, but last 6 on Hwy 18 not so.

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Cycling Old Waterman Canyon/Hwy 18 - a Top US bike climb

Ride 12.7 miles gaining 4,735’ to elevation 5,678 at 6.4% average grade.

Freeway conditions for most of the climb.

Finish the climb in Rimforest, CA.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 7.7 (11.8%) and steepest mile at mile 3 (9.6%)

Hwy 18-Old Waterman Canyon  is a fairly gradual climb, but for the 2.9 miles at 8.8% along Old Waterman Canyon Rd.  Other than the by-pass off of Hwy 18 for the 2.9 miles of Old Waterman Canyon, this is a seemingly treacherous ride.  The road, for the first mile before the Old Waterman cut-off and for the remaining 9 miles after merging back onto the Highway (more like freeway) at the top of Old Waterman, is busy with very fast moving  traffic and a narrow shoulder for most of the climb.  We do not recommend this ride because of the narrow shoulder and fast traffic.   The roadway and traffic is readily assessed via our YouTube video.

Top 100 rides in a 50 mile radius are #44 Hwy 330  6.4 miles southeast,  #80 Hwy 38/Valley of the Falls  20 miles southeast,  #20  Mt. Baldy 28 miles west.