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Hwy 180 & 198


Another exceptional climb into the mighty sequoia forest of the southwestern Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

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Climb Summary

Cycling Hwy 180-198 Kings Canyon National Park - a very scenic southwestern Sierras bike climb.

Ride 25.6 miles gaining 6,865’ to 7,585’ elevation at 4.5% average grade.

This climb is #44 on the Top 100 U.S. Bike Climb Index and follows Hwy 180 east (E Kings Canyon Road)  to Hwy 198 (Generals Highway) to Big Baldy Trailhead.  


Enter Kings Canyon National Park at mile 17.1


2018 entry (up to 7 days) for bicycle was $20.


We merge with the Hwy 198 climb at mile 18.8


We are also in the Sequoia National Forest for this climb.

However, there are no Giant Sequoia Redwoods along the road.

However . . .

Ride through 2.JPG

Whitaker Forest Ride - turn off is 3.1 miles from our finish (22.4 miles from the start).

Access the ride through tree by turning right at the “Redwood Canyon 2 miles sign”

The ride through tree is 1.2 miles at 7.6% down dirt Forest 14S75 (manageable on road bike).

Turn right onto Whitaker Forest Road at mile 12.5 and ride down about a mile to the "ride through tree" (well, that's what we call it - see slideshow) which is on your right - pretty cool stuff and well worth the ride - go another mile to where the road briefly levels off and you are surrounded by a grove of incredible Sequoia trees.

Nice views along Generals Highway (Hwy 198)




The Hwy 21-245-180-198, Hwy 180 and Whitaker Forest bike climbs end here.

If we continue past the Big Baldy Trailhead (another 20 miles of rollers +1,663’ and =2,409’) we ride to the largest tree by volume in the world (General Sherman Tree).  



Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 4.6 (8.9%); steepest mile begins at mile 2.6 (6.6%)