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McGee Creek Road


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Climb Summary


Cycling McGee Creek Road

Ride 2.1 miles gaining 732’ at 6.4% average grade.

This is a little known, short and minimally challenging bike climb located between Mammoth Lakes and Bishop.  However, while modest in length and challenge, it is long and big on scenery.  To our east and across iconic Hwy 395 are beautiful views of Lake Crowley and to our east as we round the sweeping right turn half way up the climb are great views of the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  

View northeast just under a mile into the climb.

Lake Crowley and the White Mountains in the background.

View northeast near the top of the climb.

End of the paved line - we did not venture beyond the pavement.

There is little traffic on this narrow road - this is a safe and fun little jewell.