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Mt. Ascutney


Short, peaceful and killer (11%) climb into West Windsor Town Forest.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mount Ascutney - roadway surrounded by trees

Cycling Mt. Ascutney - one of the steepest and hardest bike climbs in the northeast.

Ride only 3.5miles but gain 2,280’ to 2,796’ elevation at 12.4% 

#57 on the Top US 100 Climb list, Mt. Ascutney  is an extremely steep, albeit brief, climb to the parking lot at the end of Mt. Ascutney State Park Road.  At 12% and 3.5 miles, this is the shortest climb in the first 60 of the Top 100 U.S. Climbs - you get your bang for your climbing buck on this one!  The other Top 100 climb within 200 miles of this climb are #3 Mt Washington, NH, #18 Mt. Equinox, VT, #41 Whiteface Mt, NY, and #87 Burke Mt, VT).

The Mount Ascutney State Park Road bike climb begins near Windsor, Vermont (population 3,553, 2010; elevation 1,066’).  Windsor is known as the Birthplace of Vermont.  Visit the Old Constitution House while in the area. Mount Ascutney is part of the Coolidge mountains which are part of the Appalachians mountain range.

Mount Ascutney bicycle climb - State park sign 

Begin the climb by riding into Mt. Ascutney State Park.

Ride away from the New Hampshire border which is a stone's throw from the start.

    Bicycling Mount Ascutney  State Park Road - garmin photo showing steep grade. 


Climbing Mount Ascutney State Park Road by bike - view of Connecticut River

Some, but not many, viewpoints along the way.

    Climb by bike Mount Ascutney State Park Road - view from top through bicycle wheel.

View from the top.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 1 (17.3%); steepest mile begins at mile .3 (14.7%)