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Hwy 39 - Crystal Lake


Ride into the San Gabriel Mountains to Crystal Lake

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Climb Summary

Crystal Lake Hwy 39 bicycle climb - cafe at top

Cycling Crystal Lake -- this top Southern California bike climb shares

much of its length with the Dawson Saddle Top US 100 route.

Ride 14.2 miles gaining 4,894’ to 5,818’ elevation at 5.9% average grade.

This moderately popular bike climb is fully within the Angeles National Forest (established 1908; 655,387 acres; the first National Forest in the state of California).

Start of Crystal Lake Bike Climb - Angeles National Forest sign

Ride or drive through Azusa on your way to the start 12 miles north.

Start of Crystal Lake Bike Climb - Angeles National Forest sign

Glendora Mountain Road to the north of Morris Reservoir on drive to our start.

This climb begins at the San Gabriel Off Highway Staging Area, which comes with a parking fee charged. Although the area can be very crowded on weekends, during the weekdays (and even some weekends), the traffic is moderate for the first few miles up the mountain and mild thereafter.

Start of Crystal Lake Bike Climb - Angeles National Forest sign

The first several miles of this climb are unimpressive, but miles approximately seven to the turnoff to Crystal Lake at mile 11.8 are dramatic, with views back to the south of the big switchbacks just navigated.

Cycling Crystal Lake  - bicycle leaning against winding road sign, road, mountain

 Bike climb Crystal Lake  - aerial drone photo of hairpin curves 


  Climbing Crystal Lake by bike - aerial drone photo of switchbacks

Bicycle climb Crystal Lake  - ground level photo of hairpins

Upper hairpins - at top of video clip is Crystal Lake area.

This first section of the climb from start to the turnoff to Crystal Lake is at 5.5% average grade ascending 3,700'. At about mile 11.8 we turn right and climb the final 2.3 miles at 6.0% grade to the dead end parking lot at the top.  

Biking up Crystal Lake  - Cyclist with bike at Hwy 39 and Crystal Lake Road

Turn right onto Crystal Lake Road at mile 11.8.

Crystal Lake Road bike climb - campground and park sign

2.2 miles to the top.

The Crystal Lake Cafe and Store are about 1.9 miles up the hill from the turnoff at Highway 39 and serve great grilled sandwiches.      

Climb by bike to Crystal Lake Angeles National Forest - Crystal Lake Cafe   

  Cycling to Crystal Lake Campground Angeles National Forest.

Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 4.3 (11.3%); steepest mile begins at mile 3.9 (8.7%)

Roadway and Traffic Report: Although the first 12 miles of this climb are on a highway, it is mildly traveled as you ascend towards the switchbacks and canyon several miles from the start. The road for the most part is wide and has a good bike lane and shoulder. After turning onto Crystal Lake Road you will encounter minimal traffic along a well maintained road for the remainder of the climb.