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Mt. Shasta


Mt. Shasta - one of the most visible Northern California landmarks - epic.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Mt. Shasta, a Northern California landmark.

Ride 14.2 miles gaining 4,281’ to 7,821’ elevation at 5.6% average grade.

Mt. Shasta - an exceptional bike riding experience.

Ranked #56 on the Top 100 list, Mt. Shasta  is one of 3 Top 100 climbs in Northern California/Southern Oregon. Mt. Shasta can be a bit of a trek to reach. It’s located 290 miles north of San Francisco, CA and 360 miles south of Portland, OR.  However, we do place this climb, along with Mt. Ashland 70 miles north, as a Destination Climb, i.e., one worthy of travelling to just for the climb(s).  

Beginning just off Interstate 5 in the small northern California town of Mt. Shasta, population 3,400,  Mt. Shasta rises above all else in the area and is prominent from many vantage points, including Mt. Ashland [photo]and the Parks Creek climb [photo].  The grade is never too steep and this is a very pleasant climb - both in terms of the challenge (challenging, but not brutally so) and scenery.  

The first  .9 miles is along Ski Village Drive.  


Start the bike climb at the corner of N. Mt. Shasta Blvd

and Ski Village Drive, Mt. Shasta CA.

Turn left at mile .9 onto Everitt Memorial Hwy and there are no more roads to deal with until we top out at 14.2 miles at elevation 7,829.  After turning onto Everitt Memorial Hwy we soon surrounded by thick pine forest which surrounds us for much of the first half of the climb.  There is one particularly striking straight stretch where we travel through an avenue of very thick uniformly spaced tall pines - this is but one of the many exceptional experiences/views we have on our way up the mountain.


Surrounded by thick forest and tall pines as we cycle up Mt. Shasta.

 Between miles 10 and 11 we come into full view of Mt. Shasta and it is here that we have a great photo op!


There are many views southerly of distant mountain ranges and ridges in the Cascade Mountain Range over the last third of the climb.  


From the parking lot at the top of the bike climb we have sweeping views to the west and south, and of Mt Shasta and Shastina, just west of Mt. Shasta Peak.  


Steepest ¼ mile begins at mile 9.2 (8%); steepest mile begins at 2.1 (6.9%)

Roadway surface and traffic:  The roadway is pristine and traffic is light.  The speed limit is 35 mph and this ride has a safe and comfortable feel to it.

Mt. Shasta road conditions and closures are located here: 

We highly recommend this climb - it is magnificent! For a beautiful and challenging cycling climb, check out Mt. Shasta.


Link to record by Tayler Hockett and Brad Butterfield.

Note - see slideshow on Climb Page for PJAMM’s Great Bike-Hike Adventure of Mt. Shasta - cycling to Bunny Flats 11.5 miles then hiking the remaining 5 miles and 7,000’ (21% average grade)


We took a wrong turn on the way - 2017 - no mistakes 2019 👍


Early start . . .

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