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Luther Pass West


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Climb Summary

Cycling Luther Pass West

Ride 6 miles gaining 1,290’ at 4% average grade.

This is a short but scenic ride on moderately busy Hwy 89 from South Lake Tahoe to the Markleeville (Monitor and Ebbetts Passes area).  This is the most efficient and safest route from Markleeville to South Lake Tahoe.

The crux of this climb is the first 4.1 miles at 5.6% average grade - after that, we have essentially a flt 1.8 miles to the pass sign and then a 2.7 miles descent down Luther Pass East to its junction with Hwy 88.

Pass Grass Lake at mile 4.8

Turn onto Hwy 89 at mile 5.6

Made it!

Sign as we enter Hwy 89 from South Lake Tahoe ~ 1 mile from start.