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Jebel Jais

United Arab Emirates

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Page Contributor(s): Ard Oostra, Switzerland

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Climb Summary

Cycling the mighty Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Ride 19.6 kilometers gaining 1,031’ to 1,346m at 5.3%average grade.

A very long ascent with no break - 0 descent.

Jebel Jais is a mountain in the North-Western Hajar mountain range in Ras Al Khaimah, the northernmost emirate of the UAE.  At 2020 meters, Jebel Jais is the highest mountain in all of the United Arab Emirates.  However, please note that while the southern base and all of the Jebel Jais bike climb is in UAE, the peak of the mountain is in Oman, 3.7 kilometers as the crow flies from the finish of our route.  The Jebel Jais road bike climb is the highest paved road in UAE and this the highest point that can be ridden by bike.

Jebel Jais Viewpoint at the end of the climb.

The road was finished in 2017 and is in perfect shape. The climb itself is moderately difficult and would be an excellent Everesting venue as it is nearly continuously 5-6% for a full 20 kilometers.  

No doubt about where we are going . .  

Many magnificent giant hairpins on our climb.


Part of the climb is through a gorge.

You may ride into the clouds on your way up to the highest paved finish in UAE.


Flag of the United Arab Emirates.

One last push - final stretch is seen in middle right of photo.

Thank you Ard!!

The mountain is also home to the longest zipline in the world.

Jebel Jais made its professional cycling debut on March 1, 2019 when it was the Stage 6 finish of the 2019 UAE Tour, the third tour of 2019 for the UCI World Tour. The stage was won by UAE tour winner Primož Roglič (SLO, LottoNL-Jumbo; winner 2015 Tour of Slovenia, 2018201- Tour de Romandie;; little known fact - he was the 2007 Junior World Ski Jumping champion).

Primož Roglič wins UAE Tour stage 6 March 1, 2019.

Photo:  Cycling News.