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Colemand Valley Road Route


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Climb Summary

Astro Motel - Sweetwater Ridge - Coleman Valley Road - Occidental

60 miles gaining 4,750’

Along with King Ridge, Coleman Valley Road is our favorite Sonoma County cycling route.  This ride begins from the Astro Motel in Santa Rosa, travels along the Santa Rosa Bike path for several miles, then through vineyards and ultimately a gorgeous ride along 10 miles highway 1 with the Pacific Ocean to our left until reaching our favored destination, Coleman Valley Road.  

Cycling Coleman Valley Road - aerial drone photo of road and fog over Pacific Ocean

Coleman Valley Road disappearing into the fog just west of the Pacific Ocean.


PJAMM Cycling John Johnson and World and National Masters cycling champion Mark Hoffenberg on Coleman Valley Road.

Coleman Valley Road, Sonoma County, has been a centerpiece 4 times in the Tour of California between 2006 and 2019.

  1. 2007  Stage 1
  1. Sausalito > Santa Rosa
  2. 95.2 miles, 5,672’
  3. Stage winner:  Graeme Brown (AUS)
  1. 2008 Stage 1
  1. Sausalito > Santa Rosa
  2. 94.9 miles, 5,428’
  3. Stage winner:  Juan José Haedo (ARG)
  1. 2012 Stage  
  1. Santa Rosa > Santa Rosa
  2. 115.2 miles, 6,345’
  3. Peter Sagan (SVK)
  1. 2016 Stage 7  
  1.  Santa Rosa > Santa Rosa
  2. 108.8 mi 8,600’
  3. Stage winner:  Alexander Kristoff (NO)