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Climb Summary

Ride across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mt. Tam Peak then back to the Astro Motel, Santa Rosa.

94 miles gaining 7,300’

Photo:  View south on Pantoll Road - San Francisco top center.

One of our most favorite rides in the world - ride across the Golden Gate Bridge.  The Golden Gate Bridge is hands down the #1 tourist attraction in San Francisco, which necessarily makes it the top tourist attraction in Northern California and one of the top in all of California and the United States.  In our opinion, the best way to see and experience the bridge is on bike, of course 🌉👍👍

Start at the southern entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge.

North Tower

This route is not just about the Golden Gate Bridge but also the greatest vantage point to view San Francisco, San Francisco Bay and its surrounding areas.  At no point in the Bay Area are there better views of San Francisco Bay than Mt. Tam’s West and East Peaks.  

San Francisco upper middle of photo.

These are representative photos of what will be on your personalized tour web page and video.

Our tour begins at the southern entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge by riding across the bridge and then up to Mt. Tamalpais Peak 2,580’ (West Peak) and 2,571’ (East Peak).

View of Alcatraz (left) Bay Bridge (center) and San Francisco (right)

From Mt. Tam Peak we ride down to Hwy 1 and then for 10 miles to Olema where we head west across the rural pasturelands of northern Marin and Southern Sonoma Counties before arriving home at the Astro Motel.

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