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Semo La


Highest Paved road in the World.

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Climb Summary

The north face of Mt. Everest as viewed from the Tibetan side.

Photo:  Wikipedia.

Scott Herrin, Boulder, Colorado, 2011

The gravel and rock road to northern Everest Base Camp was paved in 2015. Yet, there have been very few cyclists that have been fortunate enough to complete one of the most epic bike climbs in the world.  In October, 2020, PJAMM join Serk Frontier Cycling on a Tibet Great Adventure that will include, among other amazing climbs and experiences, climbs to Everest Base Camp, Pang La Pass and Semo La (highest paved road in the world at 18,258’).  

Mt. Everest centered between the ornate horns.


Mt. Everest is the most famous and iconic mountain in the world.  

That’s some mountain!


Serk Frontier Tours EBC report:  

“Early morning we will start riding the huge pass that takes us into Everest Base Camp in the dark. The road is new and affords magnificent views of Everest at the top.  Just as you summit you will see the early light appearing on Everest - this has to be one of the worlds ultimate #WYMTM moments.  After fun filled descent and gradual climb you’ll reach Everest Base Camp. Expect to be exhausted and exhilarated by the time you reach Base Camp. High five's all around.”