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Pine Creek Road


This one is really fun!

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Climb Summary

Cycling Pine Creek Road, San Diego County

Ride 3.9 miles gaining 1,535’ to elevation 5,472’ at 7.3% average grade.

This is a fun climb along a remote road in eastern San Diego County.  The start of the climb is about 3 miles north of Pine Valley and is one of the more adventurous road bike climbs in the county.

The climb is in Cleveland National Forest (460,800 acres, est. 1908).

Very rural and very narrow roadway.

It is not uncommon to experience snow in this area during the winter.

A nice 26 mile loop begins in Pine Valley, travels up Pine Creek Road to its intersection with Sunrise Highway (10 miles) plus another 16 miles on Sunrise Highway back to Pine Valley (

Traffic and Roadway Surface:  There is minimal traffic on this very narrow and rough road.  While the road is gravel and dirt in sports, it is manageable on a road bike - we recommend larger tires, though (I used 30mm back, 28mm front on my Roubaix in 2019, but 23’s in 2011 - with age comes wisdom ☺

There are some rough spots in the road along the way.

Do visit Major’s Diner in Pine Valley before and/or after your ride.

Like the ride itself, Major’s is a fun experience.