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Marao East


All the cycling data and info you'll need to climb Marao East

Page Contributor(s): Heiko Linnert, Germany

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Climb Summary

Cycling Marão

Ride 4.2 kilometers gaining 550 meters to 1,474 meters at 13.1% average grade!

This challenging bike climb in the Vila Real District of north central Portugal ends atCapela da Senhora da Serra - Baião and radio towers located nearby.  This is a very steep climb - the steepest ½ kilometer is 19%.  

Bottom left photo:  Google Maps.

All other phostos:  PJAMM contributor Heiko Linnert, Germany.

Note:  The first 14.2 km of this climb are paved and the final 4 are mostly rough gravel, dirt and rock and a mountain or gravel bike is recommended for it.  

Recommend gravel or mountain bike.

Heiko Linnert writes:  

The junction at 14.2 km is not quite clear, we missed it and had to turn back.”

Be alert for the turn off onto the gravel at km 14.2